Protect Your Home Against Potential Burglars

Take a minute to answer these questions. If your answer is "no" to any of these, call Wizard Lock & Safe Co. at (717) 299-2385 to find out how you can better secure your family and possessions.

  • Are your exterior doors made of solid core materials? (including doors between garage or basement and house)
  • Is your door frame strong enough and tight enough to prevent forcing or spreading?
  • Do you leave a key with a trusted neighbor or family member rather than leaving one hidden outside?
  • If there are no windows in or near the door, do you have a wide angle door viewer or intercom device?
  • Are all latch-strike plates on your exterior doors secured with at least 3" screws?
  • Have the locks been rekeyed since moving in to your home or apartment?
  • Do sliding doors and windows have a secondary lock that prevents sliding or lifting?
  • Do you close and lock all your doors, windows, and garage door at night and when you are away? (including doors from garage or basement to home)
  • Are vehicles parked outside locked and are keys and garage door opener remotes removed?
  • Are keys stored in your garage secured in a lockbox mounted to the wall?
  • Have you installed security lights with motion sensors on your property?
  • Do you secure your overhead garage door with an auxiliary lock when you are on vacation?