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Here at Wizard Lock & Safe, we have the equipment and skills to make quality keys when you need them the most. We have been in business for over 70 years, and provide excellent service to all of our customers throughout Lancaster and the surrounding area.

We have 25 machines designed to make duplicate keys of all kinds. With over 45,000 key blanks in stock, custom keys are not problem. Our keys can be used for equipment, filing cabinets, toolboxes...almost anything you can think of and it is always a good idea to have an extra keys for your car or boat. Be it Auto, Home, Commercial, Domestic or Foreign, Wizard Lock uses only the finest materials and guarantee every key we make.

Many newer vehicles have keys with a transponder in them for additional security. Most lock companies can only make you a car key that can only get you in and out of the doors. We have the equipment available to create a key with the transponder in it to start your vehicle as well. Wizard Lock & Safe will also help you with your keyless entry remote controls.
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Expertly Crafted Keys Including:
  • Commercial Keys
  • Equipment Keys
  • Filing Cabinet Keys
  • Boat Keys
  • House Keys
  • Tool Box Keys
  • Logo Keys

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